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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

You’ve Got Free Real Estate in Your Building

You’ve Got Free Real Estate in Your Building

New Jersey’s Bowery Farm is changing farming as we know it, using a design decision that can be applied across hundreds of industries. Like most businesses, including agribusiness, this indoor hydroponic farm applies automation and information technology to maximize productivity. But Bowery Farm also makes use of one of the least-considered business resources: vertical volume. By expanding upward in the warehouse building it occupies, this farm yields more than 100 times the quantity of food that a traditional farm does.

Real estate is typically measured in horizontal square footage – length and width. And yet that third dimension, height, can add significantly to your productivity, as Bowery Farm demonstrates. With the right tools, you can put that volumetric space to work at no extra cost to your real estate budget.

Here’s how it’s done in several non-farm industries:

These vertical-space tools maximize space utilization and productivity without increasing the facility’s footprint.

Improved productivity is a valuable benefit. So is maintaining your real estate costs at their current level. But vertical storage offers still another cost savings: safety. When employees aren’t climbing ladders to retrieve inventory, or dodging hospital beds in narrow corridors, the cost of workplace injuries – and insurance premiums – is reduced.  

If your business is searching for a way to increase productivity without increased costs, look toward the ceiling. The answer could be right over your head.


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