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Why Design Matters For Your Bottom Line

Why Design Matters For Your Bottom Line

Call it user interface, call it aesthetics, call it intention or expression – it’s all design. No matter what your business, good design can boost sales and productivity. Bad design can cost you money.


We all know the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Smart business owners turn to professionals to help them with that first impression, from building design and landscaping to logo design and interior design. There’s no question that appearance enhances your company’s reputation for competence and experience. As you begin a relationship with a new customer, appearance encourages them to trust you. Conversely, a less-than-professional appearance plants the seed of doubt in a customer’s mind, and that doubt can cost you a prospective sale.


Your professionally-designed capable and trustworthy appearance has helped close the sale. Now you have to deliver. There is a direct correlation between good functional design and high productivity. Again, turn to professionals who specialize in productivity tools. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are your offices laid out to facilitate teamwork?
  2. Can you easily reconfigure workstations as production needs change?
  3. Are documents and products easy to store and easy to retrieve?
  4. Are you able to maximize your available space without expanding your real estate footprint?
  5. Can you track inventory without laborious hand-counting, and fulfill orders quickly and accurately without labor-intensive hand-picking?
  6. Can your teams work in safety and security?

If you answer Yes to most, or all, of these questions, your business has the kind of functional design that leads to maximum productivity and profits. If you don’t have these productivity tools in place, poorly-functioning design could be dragging your company into the red.

Make design a part of your overall business strategy. You’ll not only stand out from the competition, you’ll deliver better, faster, and more profitably.


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