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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Which Mobile Shelving System Should You Choose For Your Office?

Which Mobile Shelving System Should You Choose For Your Office?

Mobile shelving is a shelf storage system that keeps items and paperwork in a systematic and organized manner. Unlike traditional storage system, it is made to hold more files in a very compact space. The structure of the cabinet allow access to a greater depth than traditional filing systems, without taking up any larger footprint in the office space. This feature helps maximize storage space especially in small or constricted spaces.

The most common types of mobile shelving system include rotary file, lateral sliding, and high density system. Rotary file mobile shelving system is often use in business offices. These cabinets can have customized top work spaces that can double as workstations. Cabinets vary in size and can be just a single cabinet or an entire wall, depending on your needs. The files spin inside the cabinets to allow easy access to stored files or items. Additionally, they come in different sizes and colors, which can be used to color-code certain set of files.

A lateral sliding mobile shelving system, on the other hand, is often purchased as single stationary units that are positioned alongside each other to provide easy access to files. It is often set up in spaces where normal storage compartments cannot fit. Because of this attribute, it is regarded as the most economical mobile shelving option.

High density mobile shelving system is built on mobile carriages that glide on tracks. It is often positioned in rows, with each row easily accessible through the tracks. It is the best way to maximize floor space and can even double storage capacity and hold heavy volumes of items or files. It is often use in large business offices, libraries, and museums. In fact, most modern museum shelving systems use this type of storage.

These systems are three times more space efficient than conventional filing and shelving systems. Traditional static shelving calls for fixed aisles between shelves or cabinets, taking up much more precious office space. Our mobile shelving systems are different in that they are mounted on wheeled carriages that are then guided by rails. To use the carriage system, which opens and closes the aisle, there are three different modes. You can operate them manually, mechanically assisted, or electrically powered. These high-density mobile systems have several configurations, including shelves, drawers, wire baskets,  and security doors. They can be configured with other fixtures if a custom solution is needed for a unique industry or application.