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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

In addition to asking big ethical questions, the popular television show “What Would You Do?” prompts viewers to use their imaginations. Imaginative thinking is a habit that all successful business leaders foster, and it leads to breakthroughs and solutions that yield a multitude of benefits, from increased sales to lower costs and improved productivity.

“What would you do?” is a question facilities managers and business owners might ask themselves when thinking about space utilization. What would you do with the extra floor space gained by installing a vertical lift storage system, for example?

  • If you’re a retailer, you could expand your sales floor or store additional inventory without added real estate costs.
  • If you manage a health care facility, you could expand a lab to provide more services, or you could comply with OSHA regulations for uncluttered hallways.
  • If you manage a law enforcement property room, you can organize your evidence files and containers without having to resort to the unbudgeted expense of off-site storage.
  • If you’re a librarian, you can add more stacks to serve readers and researchers.
  • If you operate a warehouse facility, you can increase inventory storage and use your overhead space efficiently.
  • If you’re an office manager, you can add staff without adding to your footprint, or expand the reception area to accommodate clients better, or maybe even install a mini-gym to enhance employee health and fitness.

A vertical lift or carousel system recovers as much as 75% of your storage floor space. Imagine what you could do with all that free real estate. John Lennon said, “You may say I’m a dreamer.” Dream big, put your imagination to work, and enjoy the boost to your business’s bottom line.


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