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Too Many Choices: The Value of Limits

Too Many Choices: The Value of Limits

The new year can be a daunting prospect. To many, the notion of unlimited possibilities is paralyzing. It seems the frontal lobe of the human brain, which is responsible for comprehending time and space, simply can’t come to grips with the idea of infinity.

That’s why limits and boundaries are so necessary to human societies. It’s also why the wide-open prospect of the coming new year can be intimidating. Goal-setting and planning establish guidelines which reduce your infinite choices to something much more human-scale. With that in mind, we’d like to offer some spatial-oriented guidelines from the past year, to help you embrace the new year and get excited about the possibilities – within limits.


While outer space may be infinite, your organization’s space has well-defined boundaries. Our December post about hospital facilities management included recommendations for efficient space utilization — recommendations that can work in any industry.


From manufacturing to logistics to retail, RFID has been increasingly improving throughput. As we posted in May and June, some experts even credit RFID with salvaging the future of brick and mortar retail, using automated inventory management to add JIT efficiencies to the retail experience.


The speed of change seems to increase with each passing year, and today’s office environments must be able to pivot swiftly as workforces increase and decrease. Adaptive furnishings keep facilities functioning smoothly through personnel shifts resulting from start-up growth (June), telecommuting (March), or relocation (November).

Space Utilization Planning

A solid plan defines your path forward into the unknown of the new year. If disaster strikes, as we posted in September, a sound disaster recovery plan includes storage considerations for logistics, documents, and key assets. In May, we posted that a proactive outlook helps you prepare for any eventuality; you manage change instead of letting change manage you.

While you can’t predict what the new year will bring, you can certainly set goals and establish roadmaps for the months to come. And you can take comfort knowing that you don’t have to go it alone if you reach out and partner with professionals who can help you along your path, transforming the limitless possibilities of the future from intimidating to energizing.


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