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Three Ways Age Diversity Shapes Law Practices

Three Ways Age Diversity Shapes Law Practices

It’s not unusual today to find four generations of employees working within a single law practice, unlike the age-work silos established in the early Industrial Revolution. From Baby Boomer to Gen Z, each generation brings its own work-life expectations to the workplace, influencing practice management and the form and function of the office. Writing in, Sally Kane lists some notable trends within the multi-generational law office.

  1. Multi-generational law offices are taking full advantage of technology which encourages remote working and virtual law offices, providing a new work-life balance.
  2. Beginning with the rebellious Baby Boomers, the workplace has become progressively less hierarchical, and large corner offices have given way to workspace hoteling and one-size-fits-all offices.
  3. Sustainability is now a fundamental value of today’s law practices, and all four generations demand that choices of supplies, equipment, and furniture favor re-use and retention over disposability.

These multi-generational trends are re-shaping the spatial requirements of the typical law practice, as well as the furnishings within those spaces. Remote working and office hoteling reduce office space requirements. However, practice managers must accommodate fluctuating head counts, often on short notice, so law office furnishings need an uncommon degree of functional flexibility. Furnishings such as Swiftspace’s adaptive workstations allow enclosed office spaces to be created in a few moments, and dismantled when not in use.

Similarly, modular casework provides flexibility to adapt to head count fluctuations. Manufacturers like Modular Millwork build high-quality cabinetry as a “kit” of parts that can be reconfigured as needs change. Modular casework addresses law practices’ requirements for sustainability as well, since it can be re-used rather than scrapped.

Further, furnishings manufacturers are themselves making efforts to build sustainably. (Both Modular Millwork and Swiftspace have high sustainability ratings.) From sustainable manufacturing to sustainable usage, such furnishings support the values of the multi-generational law office.

In addition to greater work-life balance and eco-friendliness, these trends yield another benefit: Lower overhead, via reduced office space and re-used/retained furnishings. Factor in the benefits of combining wise experience with youthful new ways of thinking, and it’s easy to see why the multi-generational law practice is the wave of the future.


Photo © bnenin / AdobeStock