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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

The Storage of Art or the Art of Storage

The Storage of Art or the Art of Storage

Art, artifacts and rare treasures should be handled by experts. Olpin Group can design and install the best storage solutions for all types of museum and art collections; from original artwork to oversized ground stone.

Olpin Group offers the following storage options:

– Museum Storage Systems
– Museum Cabinets
– Art Rack Systems
– Glass Display Cabinets
– Versatile Stationary Shelving
– Rotary Files
– Media Storage
– Sloped Display Shelving
– Secure Lockable Cages
– High-Volume Archival Needs
– Heavy Duty Drawers
– Custom Storage Solutions

Specialized Care
As museum storage specialists, Olpin Group takes great care in understanding each collection and determines which storage system will protect and preserve. The following analysis is done for each art storage project:

– Seismically anchored cabinets and shelving
– Airtight and water resistant
– Protection from outside contaminents (light, dust, insects, rodents)
– Anti-vibration leveling
– Flexible and efficient for growing archives
– Accessibility for frequent or long-term storage
– Precise ventilation

Storing Art is an Art. At Olpin Group, we understand the intricacies of the storage of Art. Give us a call at 714-970-2299 to assist in your special storage needs.