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The Management How-To for Collaborative Teams

The Management How-To for Collaborative Teams

A collaborative management style is a productivity powerhouse, provided you have the tools to create it. Those tools include organizational team-building techniques, as well as workspaces that support face-to-face interactions. Management consultant offers these insights to help build a collaborative team environment:

  1. From the start, state the team’s goals and each team member’s role. Communicate clearly so there’s no duplication of effort.
  2. Institute a flexible and supportive leadership style that focuses on both relationships and tasks. An encouraging environment brings out the best in your team.
  3. Foster a spirit of trust and respect. If team members feel their voices will be heard, they can address issues quickly before they sabotage the work.
  4. Bring team members together outside the workplace in social settings. Create a feeling of family to build team cohesiveness.
  5. Encourage the team to expand their knowledge base through seminars and training. Increased expertise can help the team execute better as a whole, while making each member feel valued.
  6. Give the team the tools to get the job done. E-devices and specialized software are part of the productivity picture. The other part is a built environment that promotes teamwork via adaptive furnishings. Reconfigurable workspaces facilitate face-to-face interactions, then transform quickly into private spaces as needed.

Are you building collaborative teams in your business? Talk to a design consultant about interior environments created for collaboration.


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