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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Success Story: Los Angeles Art Gallery


The Situation

A private art gallery nestled in Los Angeles has been serving the art world for decades and providing best in class documentation and historical references along with their art which is the key to their success.  With the price of real estate on the rise, the Archivist needed a new solution for managing their records and to showcase the collection to potential clients.  Their traditional static solution was no longer able to keep up with the growth; and effective consolidation was not possible with the existing equipment.  This firm came to Olpin Group for an innovative solution.

The Process

The key to this installation was understanding exactly what documentation and items needed to be where, and how to allow for future growth.   Olpin Group took a hands on approach and reviewed and measured each of the items to be stored.  There were files with papers, boxes, cassettes, catalog storage and communications with artists that all needed to find a new space.    By listening, we learned the purpose of each item and how it is a part of the gallery process.  From there a clear solution emerged.

The Solution

Mobile Shelving was brought in to save floor space and provide safe keeping for important documents.   The storage systems were built to 12 feet high, increasing the storage space in the same footprint and allow for future growth.  The library shelving had a veneer wood finish  which helped to showcase the collection to their clients.  In that same area, library shelving was utilized along with a rolling library ladder to make the top shelves easy and safe to access.  Metal shelving was utilized for box storage and additional inventory purposes.  In addition, given the Southern California location, all storage units were designed with earthquake bars and stabilizers.

In the end they had organization and order to their collection, as well as the ability to grow.

“The ability to work closely with a client who is passionate about what they store
allowed Olpin Group to bring together the total package…we were able to give them
what they needed, as well as what they wanted, with the high design style they required.”

~ Randy Bolick, Storage Specialist