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Stainless Steel Shelving: Addressing Accumulating Files and Backlog

Stainless Steel Shelving: Addressing Accumulating Files and Backlog

In Fox Business last July 2013, Elizabeth MacDonald gave a report about how accumulating files in the Winston-Salem, N.C. Veterans Affairs (VA) center created a backlog on veterans claims. The article further explained that the VA, relying mostly on a paper system, has such a huge paper load that cabinet tops have become uneven due to files as high as two feet placed on top of them. Additionally, the filing cabinets lack enough distance from each other, resulting in drawers not being opened completely.

Because of the amount of claims folders on file, boxes have begun to block the exits and a stack of files even fell on an employee in 2011, causing him injury. The time spent navigating through the increasing number of files has prolonged the waiting times for veterans, leading to hundreds and thousands of veterans waiting for their compensation and pension claims.

With the stack of files and folders piling up and digitizing of these data not yet in effect, the VA should organize and maintain their storage system. Reorganizing the files in stainless steel shelving would keep files orderly and allow employees to work smoothly without deterrents like misplaced folders. Since they are dealing with a backlog, they can employ storage system companies like the Olpin Group to execute the filing transition, as they also offer designing and planning services.

The main idea for coming up with a new plan and organizing the files is to implement a smooth and efficient operational flow in the workplace. This means saving time and effort in looking for a specific folder. Some companies even offer suggestions on what system or tools to employ that will not only speed up the processing time but help in maintaining the organization of the files, as well. An example is a mobile war room box cart that can hold active case files so that these can be opened while still on the cart, and moved from place to place without messing the system.

There are various storage options for any items that need to be put away temporarily for access at a later time. Office shelving and lateral file cabinets are some of the practical solutions for holding other documents. Depending on the needs of the client, companies like the Olpin Group have tailored solutions that vary from heavy duty drawers to boltless shelving in Los Angeles.