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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems


You move into your new location and are excited about the workspace organizational solutions we helped you define for the space.  You think this is the LAST move you will need to do, but we know better, because we have been through it ourselves and with many of our clients.

Whether you purchased the storage or workspace solutions from us or some another service provider know that we are happy to help you relocate to your next space.

We will evaluate your new space, do the proper testing for weight loads, and provide a plan.  A plan not only for the furniture but how we will make the transition without a large disruption in your business flow.  Our foremost goal is to utilize your existing equipment to the best advantage of the new space. We want you to capitalize on the good investment you made previously.  Almost all the solutions we offer are able to be reconfigured and relocated.

The process is similar to a new installation (link to installation page)  in that we evaluate your space, draw up a plan, organize a transition process and execute the removal from your old space and rebuild in your new space. The installation is reviewed and approved by you and once again, the process is not complete until you are satisfied with the end result.

Our consultants work with you to create a customizable plan for your office and budget.
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