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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems


The job is not over when you say you are ready to place the order. Each part of the process has its’ own value and the installation portion is a heavy hitter.

Installation starts with our receiving of the items into our warehouse in Anaheim, CA.  We review the items, check for freight damage and that all the pieces required are present.  We also check to make sure we are able to access your building, provide certificate of insurance as needed and load floor protection into the truck to protect your floors and walls.   We then carefully load the truck with your order, select the crew and send a certified Lead Supervisor to manage the installation.

On the job site, we review again with you the requirements and what we expect to accomplish.  As we begin the build we check in with you with any questions and make sure you are aware of our progress.  Upon completion of the installation, you are able to review and we walk through together to identify areas for fine tuning if needed.

Our installation is not complete until you are happy.

Our consultants work with you to create a customizable plan for your office and budget.
Contact us to arrange for a consultation today.  CLICK HERE