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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Asset Tracking

Our SAM (Systematic Asset Management) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) File Tracking system has been getting a lot of attention. The system’s unique technology offers organizations a revolutionary new way to track the location and movement of vital organization assets.

The system works through radio waves that track a unique set of RFID tags. Tags can be tracked throughout company locations.

This technology is already helping law enforcement, government and military locations, and even law offices to control their evidence, weapons and records. It has proven useful for organizations such as hospitals, as it allows you to instantaneously pinpoint the exact location of expensive equipment through RFID systems.

This system is a great asset for many organizations, helping them to better control inventory and monitor product quality with almost endless possibilities.

For more information about the SAM’s RFID Asset Tracking System, call Olpin Group at (800) 309-5059 to schedule a demonstration.