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Racking and Mobile Shelving System Solutions for Museums and Galleries

Racking and Mobile Shelving System Solutions for Museums and Galleries

Extensive art and artifact collections are the treasures of museums and galleries. Such institutions of culture and art take pride in exhibiting their collections or acquisitions in prime condition. To fulfill this, pieces are kept and protected in storage. Take the UCLA’s Meteorite Gallery, for instance, as reported by Stuart Wolpert in his article for the UCLE Newsroom:

“For many years, we’ve collected beautiful exhibit specimens of meteorites but kept them locked in inaccessible cabinets,” Rubin said. “It’s great to be able to put them out on display for people to see.”

UCLA’s collection of meteorites has grown to nearly 3,000 specimens under the stewardship of Wasson and Rubin, and is among the most extensive in the world.

Most museums like the UCLA Meteorite Gallery temporarily store a number of art pieces or collections prior to displaying them during exhibits, which are usually scheduled or based on a theme. Hence, storing artifacts in functional racking and mobile shelving systems become ideal to maintain the integrity of their prized pieces.

space rocks hit ucla

The assortment of stored items in museums could become so vast, to the extent that the allotted building space cannot accommodate them anymore. This is the time when efficient storage solutions should be sought from established companies like the Olpin Group. They will be able to customize cabinets and shelves that can be arranged and installed into the designated space to effectively house specimens.

Appropriate storage solutions aid in the preservation of artifacts and other works of art. Sleekly designed durable shelving offer protection from external factors such as light, temperature extremes, and humidity that could negatively affect valuable pieces, especially paper-based articles and ancient specimens.

Quality museum storage cabinets, shelves, and racks provide a bounty of benefits as they can be crafted to capably hold thousands of collection pieces of all shapes, sizes, and weights. Mobile systems, which allow for easy organization and access, improve space maximization. With wisely invested efforts, the quality and value of collected pieces can be maintained to last long enough to be enjoyed by future generations.

(Source: Space rocks hit UCLA: California’s largest meteorite museum opens on campus, UCLA Newsroom, January 08, 2014)