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Public Safety Storage Under The Gun

Public Safety Storage Under The Gun

As an industry, public safety is projected to grow at a rate of 5.7% annually for the next 3-5 years. Concurrently, law enforcement is feeling downward pressure from lawmakers and regulators to store more, with greater safety, for longer time periods, and with better tracking and security. For example:

  • When an arrest is made in a case of domestic violence, all guns in the household must now be confiscated and stored in a police facility.
  • DNA must now be retained for longer periods, with an unassailable chain of evidence.
  • Handguns must now be stored securely in public safety vehicles, preferably in an in-vehicle gun locker, whenever a law enforcement officer is out of the car.
  • Public safety budget increases are likely to be allocated to recruitment, with little funding for larger physical facilities.

It’s a perennial problem for public safety facilities: Where to store increasing quantities of tactical gear, weapons and evidence, safely and securely, without additional real estate?

Luckily, there are solutions, and one is right overhead. With an average office ceiling height of 9-1/2 feet, and an average storage rack height of 6-1/2 feet, there’s a significant amount of vertical space available for additional storage. A vertical automated storage system takes storage all the way to the ceiling without using any additional floor space, and without putting staff at risk on ladders.

With the extra floor space gained by vertical storage, additional gun lockers and personal lockers can be installed. In vehicles, compact handgun lockers can be installed in the center console (San Jose, California, has already implemented such a program); even if the car is stolen, the gun can’t fall into the wrong hands.

For biological evidence, climate controlled storage maintains specimens for extended periods, in perfect condition for evidentiary purposes. A linked RFID system assures the chain of evidence, tracking specimens as they travel between storage and lab.

Storage consultants offer a range of options for public safety facilities managers. This link shows an example of how it could work for you.


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