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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Wire Security Cages

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BeastWire Brand

BeastWire systems utilize a unique universal design providing customers with infinite possibilities for all of their guarding solution needs.  It also allows for various standard height materials to be kept in stock and ready for quick shipment, saving valuable time and money.

BeastWire partitions are produced with a 10ga welded wire mesh in a 2” square pattern, providing optimal structural integrity while also being visually appealing. Optional mesh types include woven wire, as well as expanded metal. The ability to use various wire mesh types allows you to meet or exceed any new construction specifications.




BeastWire Mesh Partitions have a straightforward design: fully framed panels of varying heights and widths are stacked in between square posts, in multiple configurations, to reach desired height and design.


Benefits Summary:

  • Unparalleled strength with the stackable system design
  • The welded wire mesh (standard) provides maximum strength and protection while creating a visually appealing storage solution
  • Universal components mean quicker installation times and less confusion
  • Product design allows for easy customization, including:

Varying panel heights, including extra tall enclosures (over 25’!)
Customized/minimized sweep space
Custom doors & locks
Tapered panels
Welded (standard), woven or expanded metal mesh
And more!

Wire Mesh Partitions are an ideal solution for:  Data Centers, Government & Military Facilities, Industrial Warehouses, Automotive and Manufacturing, Office and Retail applications, and anywhere security is needed.



Driver Access Cages are a popular application of the BeastWire Mesh Partitions.  They provide a secure check-in area to protect your warehouse and factory floors from unauthorized visitors.


Benefits Summary:

  • Controls access to warehouse or factory floor
  • Theft prevention
  • Safety Precaution—keeps visitors from accidentally walking into forklift aisles or moving machinery
  • 10-Year Structural Warranty

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Robotic guarding allows the manufacturing and industrial sector to use proper safety measures to protect those that come into contact with a robotics system, including engineers, maintenance workers, and operators.

For areas where hazards are more extreme, a BeastWire interlocked barrier guard surrounds a robotics system and comes equipped with safety interlock doors. The interlocks are designed to shut off all robotic operations and associated machinery when a door is opened.


Benefits Summary:

  • Welded wire design provides ultimate strength while still allowing for cutouts to be made in the field without losing structural integrity
  • Doors can be equipped with safety interlocks to meet OSHA standards
  • With easy customization, robotic guarding can be designed to fit within an existing workspace
  • For less hazardous situations, using a straightforward Awareness Barrier Guard, e.g., a 3’ fence barrier will prevent inadvertent entry



“Nearly 80% of all industrial storage is on a pallet rack” (Aigner Index).  Though they vary in type and design, all pallet rack systems are used to keep products organized and to provide additional storage space by working vertically.  One of the critical components of the material handling industry are pallet rack safety systems.

BeastWire Rack Safety Systems are designed to keep products and personnel safe by providing hard guarding to prevent items from falling and either damaging products, infrastructure, or landing on passersby.



Grrripper bracket


The fully  framed welded wire panels attach to the existing uprights via an innovative, patent-pending Grrripper Bracket—the world’s first and only drop-in bracket!. The saves on installation time as it “drops into” the teardrop while latching to the frame.  It will not disengage from the rack upon impact when correctly installed.

If the Grrripper Bracket is not a fit for your system, there are multiple types of other brackets ensuring that the Rack Safety System can attach to any upright

An optional feature of the Rack Safety System is the Bi-parting hinge door.  It is equipped with a padlock hasp and installs in minutes, securing items on the front of pallet racking and to thwart theft. Panels can be supplied to protect the ends/sides of pallet racking and attach with basic angle clips.



Benefits Summary:

  • Welded wire design provides ultimate strength and durability
  • Hard guarding to prevents items from falling and either damaging products, infrastructure or landing on passersby
  • Optional Bi-parting hinge doors add a level of security to the front of pallet racking
  • The Grrripper Bracket provides secure yet easy installation, saving time and money
  • Multiple bracket types ensure that rack safety panels will attach to any upright
  • Rack Safety Systems Allow for easy retrieval if a pallet load moves past the flux space. A forklift can effortlessly retrieve and pull back the pallet unlike with traditional netting where the product may fall past the racking system
  • Rack Safety Systems are a superior solution to safety netting as it is more protective, durable and stable


Storage Lockers

BeastWire mesh storage lockers provide optimal circulation for air, light, and heat as opposed to solid lockers. All BeastWire locker panels have a welded wire mesh that is welded into an angle frame providing lasting protection. All of our lockers are prefabricated providing a high-quality locker that will last.

They come in a variety of standard sizes—single, double, and triple tiers; plus, three standard heights—6’ 7’, and 8’. Most competitors only offer one standard locker size and height.

A single-tier locker has one full-height door and typically no shelves. Double-tier and triple-tier lockers have two and three doors, respectively. Each tier is divided by a fully framed shelf which installs in moments

Storage lockers are a great solution when storage is needed, but not a lot of space is available.  Lockers can be secured to the floor (free-standing), infrastructure, or be portable.  You choose your configuration!


Benefits Summary:

  • Welded wire design provides ultimate strength and durability.
  • Doors are fully framed and are pre-hung making installation effortless.
  • Lockers can be fitted with multiple options including shelves, back panels, ceilings/tops, hang rod assemblies, and even sliding doors.
  • BeastWire sturdy lockers provide more security and prevent damage in comparison to lockers that use unframed webs.



Tenant storage lockers have an infinite number of applications:  military bases, apartments and condos, sports team’s locker rooms,warehouses and distribution centers, automotive and manufacturing.




Storage Locker Brochure


Wire Mesh Partition Brochure


Pallet Rack Safety Brochure