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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Automated Tire Carousel


  • Auto Dealership New Tire Storage
  • Parts Facilities New Tire Storage
  • Used Tire Storage
  • Up to 352 tires can be stored on a single standard carousel
  • Accommodates tires up to 44” in standard models
  • Store tires with or without rims
  • Semi or fully automated systems available
  • Saves up to 70% of your floor space
  • Increases workplace safety
  • Built-to-fit specifications
  • Improved security with security keypad and optional security gates


Vertical tire storage creates an efficient work place and a safe working environment. Product retrieval time is significantly reduced when using the Vertical Tire Carousel, making employees more efficient and customers happier!  Bulky tires take up a lot of space and manually lifting them from the floor to upper shelves can easily cause employee injuries, making it a predictable safety hazard.  With the Vertical Tire Carousel, the operator can roll each tire on or off its carrier, then let the moveable loading ramp carry the weight to the storage shelf!  With easy push button controls, and a quiet electric motor, tires are lifted vertically into previously unused storage space.  When it’s time for retrieval, every tire is accessible at the touch of a button.   There are a variety of heights and sizes to choose from depending on your storage space.  Olpin Group will gladly work with you to determine the most appropriate unit and accessories that meet your shop’s specific needs.


View the short video below to get a quick overview of The Vertical Carousel features (Tire Carousel featured at 1:17):