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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Storage Carousels


Businesses are constantly looking for strategies to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and better serve their employees. The Shelving Carousel effectively accomplishes these goals by taking advantage of vertical storage space without the need for ladders, steps, or forklifts.

Vertical Carousel storage systems are ideal for storing and managing heavy and bulky parts, and our clients have successfully integrated these systems to optimize their manufacturing, distribution, and production facilities. We also offer bar code scanning and inventory tracking options to further optimize your asset management system.

The Shelving Carousel utilizes an automated storage system with rotating shelves that works with a simple push of a button. The design minimizes bending, reaching and lifting by employees when searching for parts, which decreases the likelihood of injury and increases efficiency.

With all of these incredible advantages, a vertical industrial storage carousel is the best way to produce maximum storage capacity while reducing your business’ storage footprint. Our heavy duty storage racks efficiently store and retrieve items without wasting valuable floor space.

If you are in the market for new shelving carousels in Orange County, contact us to learn about our financing options!



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Brochure for Movable Shelving

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Brochure for Paint Carousel

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