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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Museum Art Storage


Proper safekeeping and absolute protection are necessary in preserving a collection of priceless works of art and artifacts.
At Olpin Group, we offer a variety of archival grade storage systems that will optimize museum storage.  There is nothing simple about storing invaluable art and priceless antiques. It requires careful planning and foresight in creating protective measures that will maintain an artwork’s integrity through various scenarios.

That is why we offer museum storage solutions that not only tackles the need for extra space, but is also focused on preserving important pieces as well.  Save museum space and artworks with storage and shelving offered by Olpin Group.

Storage for All Locations

Experience no restrictions in storing or hanging artwork arrangements with our superior museum shelving.
Our consultants work with you to create a customizable plan for your office and budget.

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Common Solutions:

  • Museum storage cabinets that seal securely to protect and preserve items
  • Art racks to save floor space while properly hanging artwork, painting and photos
  • Archival box storage shelving for managing archival records and documents
  • Mobile storage racking systems for compact collection storage space
  • Bulk storage racks for large, heavy items and for increasing floor space
  • Flat file cabinets for storing large artwork, maps, documents and drawings
  • High density sliding art racks and rolling art panels allow fine art collections to be safely preserved and stored.
  • Wire mesh panels hold artwork, paintings and pictures on both sides, allowing ventilation and proper air circulation in order to preserve the valuable work and also keep it from bending or rolling.
  • Sliding racks also save floor space, nearly doubling the storage capacity


Olpin Group Museum Brochure


Case Study: Benton Museum of Art, Pomona College

benton museum