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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Modular Drawers in Shelving

Mental modular drawer storageIf space in your parts department is limited, modular drawers in shelving will help you regain up to 70 % of floor space. Let’s face it: industrial shelving with bin boxes is inefficient, forcing you to surrender precious space between shelves and to rarely use the whole surface of the shelves. What’s more, bins are often half-filled, leading to even more space lost. It’s safe to say the average industrial shelving is used at about 40% of its capacity.

By adding modular drawers to your new or existing industrial shelving, you don’t have to leave room access over bins. Instead, you pull out the heavy-duty, 100 % extension drawer to enjoy the full depth of your 24.5” or 18” deep shelving unit.

The advantages of the modular drawers in shelving are numerous:

  • Increase picking rate of your parts clerk
  • Up to 70 % floor space saving
  • Perfect view over all compartments leads to faster inventory count
  • Parts are protected from dust
  • Ergonomic drawer location lowers risks of injuries  

Discover The Best Modular Drawers

Whether you are the fixed operations manager of a car dealership or the maintenance director in a manufacturing plant, you can trust that these modular drawers to be the toughest and best designed industrial drawers you can find.

To avoid downtime and increase durability, all our modular drawers offer:

  • 440 lb capacity suspension system on Delrin rollers with locking system
  • 14 gauge drawer face
  • Patented aluminum drawer handle
  • Full height drawers and dividers
  • Aluminum dividers included in every drawer
  • Available widths: 36”, 48”
  • Available heights: 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”
  • Available depths: 18”, 24”
  • Lifetime Warranty

Compatible With Most Industrial Shelving

You may have invested thousands of dollars in shelving in the last years. Did you know that you can retrofit your existing shelving by incorporating modular drawers ?  We work hard to adapt our drawers into the most popular shelving models conceived by  (and from) most manufacturers.

Modular drawers are compatible with the following shelving systems:

  • Western Pacific Shelving System – Pacific
  • Western Pacific Shelving System – Rivetier
  • EZ-RECT – Type One
  • EZ-RECT – Trim Line
  • PENCO – Widespan
  • Metalware

Your favorite shelving manufacturer is not on this list? Ask us about it!