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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Material Handling

Effective material handling can make a positive difference to your bottom line.  A manufacturing operation needs precise control over their parts inventory, safety on the floor and effective use of real estate.

Material handling storage solutions allow you to use vertical space to maximize your real estate with vertical carousels and mezzanines.

Goods to person time is lowered by using storage carousel and mobile shelving because there is quick access to the right inventory when it is needed.

Employee and floor safety is improved because the benefits of a solid material handling storage system include less use of ladders and forklifts.   Work zones are in the best ergonomic position and can be adjusted to personal requirements.  Vertical carousels work with a push of a button and rotate the items to the access area.

Olpin Group offers specialty vertical storage for:

  • Carpet Rolls
  • Garment Storage
  • Hollow Core Cylinders
  • Paint Cans
  • Print Cylinders
  • Textiles
  • Tires
  • Vinyl Rolls
  • Wire Spools and Reels
  • Pan Carousels
  • Shelving Carousels

Each of these systems come as a custom unit and can store multiple size and lengths of product.  These storage methods offer a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers because you can produce more in less space and still have all the material you need on hand.


If you are in the market for material handling storage solutions in Orange County, contact us to learn about our financing options!






Brochure for Shelving Carousel

Brochure for Movable Shelving

Brochure for Movable Shelving

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Brochure for Paint Carousel

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