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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Keyless Lockers

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Created to overcome the frustrations associated with keyed locks, the BeCode range is keyless and cable free. As well as code operated locks, our range includes RFID compatible locks, which can be retrofitted to upgrade your existing furniture. In addition, the unique BeCode TANmode software uses cutting edge technology to revolutionizes locker administration and also offers customers the opportunity to implement automated parcel notification on delivery.

Keyless locks offer increased security, reliability and practicality. The administration of key based locks costs a significant amount of time and money, often requiring the expense of a professional locksmith. Keys are lost, stolen and copied, which compromises security. The inconvenience of not gaining access to storage furniture is often considerable. Even when things go well, the time involved in re-issuing keys, managing key deposits and administering multiple users is significant.
The Keyless Lock solution that can retrofit over your existing installed lockers key cylnders.

Common Solutions:

  • Corporate hoteling station
  • Education sports and leisure
  • Education parcel pick up
  • Mail center
  • Amusement park lockers
  • Medical pharmacy
  • Medical patient rom
  • Medical nurse’s stations
  • Day lockers
  • Staff lockers
  • Industrial storage
  • Travel environments
  • Hotel environments

Our consultants work with you to create a customizable keyless lock solution your office and budget. Contact us to arrange for a consultation today.  CLICK HERE

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BeCode Keyless Locking

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