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Hospital Bed Storage Lifts

Vidir Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts

Vidir Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts

One of the most common and difficult problems to solve for any healthcare facility is what to do with extra hospital beds when not in use. All hospitals have to be prepared to handle a sudden overflow of patients, and so storage space can become a challenge.

Vidir’s Hospital Bed Storage Lift is a safe and cost effective way to store and access spare hospital beds. This storage system saves valuable floor space, protects the beds from unnecessary damage, and reduces potential fire and trip hazards in hospital hallways.

The bed lift stacking concept uses the last-in, first-out configuration as an effective asset management strategy. The operator simply positions the first bed onto the lift and then vertically lifts the bed to open up a space underneath for the next unit. The entire operation is reliable enough for daily use and can be easily done by a single individual with the simple push of a button!

Hospital beds are expensive and loaded with sensitive electronics, so properly storing and protecting the beds is extremely important. Using the bed lift storage systems are an excellent way to extend the longevity of hospital beds while helping to increase efficiency in medical workspaces.

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Vidir Stacking Hospital Bed Storage Lifts Stacking Hospital Bed Storage