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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Garment Carousel



The garment carousel is the best way for businesses to store and protect valuable garments, suits, and uniforms. Automated hanging garment carousels use your overhead space to store items, which can save up to 82% of square footage over traditional garment storage systems!

This efficient storage system uses an automated storage and retrieval process to retrieve garments with the simple push of a button and deliver them to the operator at the optimal height. It works on the last-in/first-out picking configuration, creating excellent asset management capabilities. Our garment carousels will also work perfectly with your current inventory management technology, including ERP, WMS, barcode, or RFID systems.

The Vidir Garment Carousel will save you space, protect your garments, and optimize efficiency for your employees! Our space evaluation consultation services can also help you evaluate whether or not a garment carousel would be compatible with your unique space.

If you’re searching for the right garment carousel in Orange County, contact us to hear about our financing options!