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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Automotive Workbenches

Divided drawers for automotive workbays

Our automotive workbenches will transform the look, the organization and the productivity of your service department. The modular design allows us to build  workbenches that will keep your service bays organized and safe, meet your technicians needs for tool storage and match the image program of your manufacturer. They are designed and manufactured to be the most durable on the market and are protected by a complete lifetime Warranty.


The Ultimate Tool Storage Solution

To be efficient, your technicians need to have every tool needed at hand. Today, the average automotive technician’s toolbox stores over 2000 lb of equipment. This is why our automotive workbenches are only built with industry-leading 440 lb capacity drawers and 14 gauge drawer face. The result is a massive 4400 lb of storage capacity for our popular 60″ drawer section.

Every drawer offers 100 % extension and is equipped with an industrial-grade suspension system on full Delrin rollers instead of traditional bearing. Free of grease, our sliding system doesn’t collect dust and debris ensuring flawless service and zero downtime.  

To increase organization and productivity, every drawer in our automotive workbenches comes standard with movable aluminum dividers allowing personalized partitioning of the storage space.


Automotive workbench for storage

A cluttered workplace leads to poor productivity, injuries and potential fines. A personalized automotive workbench will transform your workshop, leaving your clients impressed and your technicians proud.

Our workbenches are built with the best components and designed to withstand the intense use of today’s  high-end service department.

Every storage cabinet comes standard with:

  • 1 ¼” thick, double walled door for industry leading stiffness
  • One piece aluminum handle with digital lock
  • Heavy duty, full height hinge
  • Adjustable shelves

Oil drain storage

Our automotive workbench offers countless of industry-specific features, like the popular open base storage cabinet for oil drain storage. As rugged as the rest of our workbench components, the oil drain storage offers a perfect enclosure to safely store your oil drain container after usage.

Workbench Computer Cabinet

With the workbench computer cabinet, your service technicians can perform part search or diagnosis from their service bay. This specialized enclosure with glass door will store monitor away from dust, greatly improving its lifetime. The computer cabinet is equipped with an adjustable keyboard tray for ergonomic usage.

Tool Cart

The tool cart will increase your technician’s productivity by keeping all necessary tools and parts next to the customer’s vehicle, eliminating trips back to the workbench. Light and easy to manoeuvre, the cart can be positioned safely and precisely next to the vehicle and can be stored out of the way when not in use.

Vehicle Lift Control Cabinet

Integrate the vehicle lift control into the workbench for easy access and enhanced appearance. Built on our heavy-duty utility drawer using 440 lb suspension system, the lift control cabinet is designed to fit any workbench and offers easy access for servicing. Compatible with most vehicle lift manufacturers.

The Best Automotive Workbench for Your Service Bays

As your main profit center, your service department must be productive and get the job done. But the professional look of your service bays’ workbenches will also impress, attract and retain your customers and your skilled service technicians. Even more, our automotive workbenches will comply with the brand image of your manufacturer and can be ordered in your brand-specific color.