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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Automated Vertical Carousels

See How Vertical Storage Units Save Time and Space.

Vidir Vertical Carousel

Olpin Group specializes in Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. You can get the advantage with all Vertical Storage Systems. Whether you decide on Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) or Vertical Carousel Systems (see » Choose the Right Vertical Storage Solution for You”), here are some of the benefits of using the Automated Vertical Carousel:

  • Recover up to 80% of floor space by going vertical. Increase your storage capacity while reducing your storage footprint
  • Utilize the space above your floor, storing items up to 28’ high. Items are delivered automatically to the operator
  • Tray load capacities of up to 3,000 lbs. Overal capacity 13,000-34,000 lbs. Various tray sizes and load capacities
  • Build to fit specifications on many models
  • Improves the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your picking operations
  • Materials are accessible to all operators, quickly and ergonomically – saving time and reducing the risk of injury
  • Secures inventory and prevents loss and/or theft
  • Optional Inventory Management System which interfaces with your current system (ERP, WMS, barcode, RFID)


Vertical Carousels are manufactured in a variety of different configurations to provide specific automated storage solutions.

The carriers which are attached to the chain drive in Vertical Carousels are customized to fit your product and storage specifications. E.G.: A standard open carrier for the Shelving Carousel is 18.5”H x 20”D. Intermediary shelves and dividers can be added to partition the carrier, and carriers can also be custom designed to accept unique profiles. Carriers can be open or have a 6” lip on the front (creating a self-contained storage unit).

General carousel heights, widths and load capacities (the actual specifications will vary depending on the type of carousel):
centered here

Heights range from approx. 7’ to 30’
Widths range from approx. 6’ to 21’
Load Capacity: 13,000 – 34,000 lbs
Individual Carrier Capacity: 750 to 3000 lbs


Automated Locker Carousels are secure, user friendly and have multiple applications:

Automated Evidence Storage Lockers

Automated Day Use Lockers Automated Package Delivery Lockers

  • Secure evidence and chain of custody and track users
  • BOPOS – Buy online pick up on Site
  • Receive packages and or pick up deliveries at retail, apartments, condos and dorms/colleges
  • Day use storage of personal items at work, school, hospital, mall, library, athletic facilities, and entertainment venues

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The Bar Stock Shelving Automated lift is a specially designed semi or fully automated storage and retrieval system designed for light-weight aluminum or plastic extrusions
2000 lb weight capacity per carrier

Stores up to 27’ long lengths

Fully customizable


Pan Carousel


Shelving Carousel

Wire Carousel

Vinyl Carousel

Textile Carousel

Garment Carousel

Day Use Lockers

Evidence Storage Lockers

Package Delivery Lockers

Carpet carousel vertical storage

Carpet Carousel

Tire Carousel

Paint Can Carousel

Bed Lift Brochure




Automated Vertical Carousels:
Built with a series of carriers attached in fixed locations to a chain drive. Carriers are sent in a vertical loop around a track in forward and reverse directions (similar to a ferris wheel). Carriers are all uniform. The distance between carriers can be customized depending on storage items. Both VLMs and Carousels significantly reduce storage footprint by going vertical.

Automated Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs):
VLMs generally consist of two columns of trays with a mechanical inserter/extractor positioned in the center which automatically locates and retrieves trays as needed for dynamic storage and retrieval. Lifts tend to be deeper than carousels because of the 2 columns of trays. Trays come in a variety of sizes and load capacities. VLMs usually handle double the load capacity over similar height carousels. Both VLMs and Carousels significantly reduce storage footprint by going vertical.

Reduce storage footprint and increase storage capacity