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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems


Products that Make Storage Easier

Count on Olpin Group to have a solution to all your shelving needs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction combined with expertise in building high quality storage systems allows us to provide unparalleled services that are focused on what you need. We are the premier service providers when it comes to all kinds of storage systems and boltless shelving in Los Angeles.

Through our many years of experience, we have developed an effective method of working with clients and determining which products are best to use where. First we meet for an initial brainstorming session. Then our design team comes up with different solutions to fit your space, your budget and your needs. We review them carefully together, relying on input from you, since you are the one who knows best how the system will be used. Once the final design has been agreed upon, the system is built and installed. And after the system is installed, changes can be made as your needs change.

From the mailroom to the break room, from medical laboratories to military installations, we offer a variety of storage solutions for every application imaginable.

Shelves and Storage/Paper Files – Keep paper files organized and easy-to-find with four-post shelving favored by offices.
Wire Shelving Racks – Best for big and heavy items. The high-density wire shelving racks can withstand huge inventory and make viewing stored items easier. Wire shelve racks can be placed on floor track units to maximize space.
Rotary Filing Cabinets – Centralized and flexible storage that can hold more media. Provide easy access to both sides and have changeable shelving.
Mobile Storage Racking Systems – High-density storage systems that save current storage space or double actual storage capacity. Can be used for a myriad of products and locations because of its expandable nature.
Modular Cabinetry – Versatile cabinetry that are as attractive as they are sturdy. On demand, the capacity, height, and width of each organizer can be changed.
Vertical and Horizontal Carousel Storage – Ideal for warehouse and distribution applications. These storage systems are used in storing heavy volumes and large numbers of products, yet maintain easy manageability and accessibility.
Wire Cages/Partitions/Lockable Storage – Free standing shelving utilized to provide partitions. Takes advantage of the building’s lighting and circulation while securing an area or items through its lockable storage.
Heavy Duty Storage Racks – Preferred storage for items that require heavy duty storage racks. Pallet racks can be adjusted to fit stored products while wide span shelving can hold items with greater width and weight.
Lockers – Available in a wide variety suited as personal work lockers, duty lockers, and evidence lockers.
Portable Buildings – Modular buildings and movable partitions help save on construction cost while meeting specific needs such as military application or industrial use.
Military Storage – Maximizes work flow while providing versatile safe storage for various equipment. May include stainless steel shelving, rapid deployment systems, and VCI corrosion control.
Art Rack Storage – Art collections are safely stored and preserved through rolling art panels and high-density sliding art racks.
Museum Storage – Designed not only for easy storage, but also to protect and preserve art collections.
Office Chair Ergonomics – Ergonomic chairs that provide comfort and convenience in all types of settings.
Overhead Storage and Shelving – Mezzanines can be built for increased production space, office area, or extra storage unit.


Service That’s Right for You and the Environment

You can trust Olpin Group to come up with the right storage solutions if you are searching for ways to optimize an existing location, planning an area expansion, or in the process of building a new facility. Specialized work spaces and expandable storage capacity can be designed to fit your preferences. We can work together to increase efficiency while reducing your storage system’s ecological impact.

Storage for All Locations

Together, we can find solutions to end your storage problems and provide room for growth. Here at Olpin Group, you will find products that are perfect for business, clinical, archival, museum, equipment, police, and medical storage. We also provide boltless shelving starter units suitable for all applications.For more information on our service areas, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and other areas in California, kindly visit our Contact Us page.