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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Plan, Design, Install & Reuse

Plan, Design, Install & Reuse

In early 2011, Olpin Group began planning and designing a remodel for Loeb & Loeb in Los Angeles. The law firm on Santa Monica Boulevard needed to reconfigure the four floors of their office – reusing the storage systems Olpin set up in 2006. The multiple practice group was unable to move out during the installation, so Olpin staff worked evenings and some weekends in order to not disturb employees during office hours. The labor intensive project included a three month installation.

Olpin Group planned and designed the new space completing the following tasks:

  installation of High Density Shelving

  reconfigure and utilize existing equipment

  creation of a new alpha numeric library system

  merge files from different departments into new system

  move files and books to an offsite temporary location during install

  consolidation of files

  planning with Loeb & Loeb staff

Olpin Group and Loeb & Loeb did have a surplus of equipment at the end of the project. Nothing was sent to the landfill. Storage systems were donated to the local Fullerton School District. Olpin Group delivered the system at no cost and will take part in the school’s parent task force to help install the shelving in the school library. The additional equipment was taken to the recycling center. At Olpin Group, we offer several products that can help increase sustainability in your office by maximizing space and allowing you to restructure or modify your storage systems to change throughout the years.

If your business is moving, remodeling, or just out of space, Olpin Group can find a solution to meet your budget and exceed your expectations. Give us a call at 714-970-2299