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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Now What? Those Old Filing Cabinets

Now What? Those Old Filing Cabinets

You’ve got a problem. You made the wise decision to change to a high-density mobile shelving system for your business storage. You and your storage consultant analyzed the types of contents you need to store, and the consultant designed a custom system that fits your specific needs. The rail system and the shelving units are going to fit into just 50% of your existing storage space, leaving you with room for additional personnel or additional storage – extra space without paying extra rent. So what’s the problem?

The problem is what to do with those old filing cabinets. You won’t have any use for them once your new storage system is installed. All the problems they created are going away – the wasted space of all those individual aisles, the unsafe and unstable drawers, the unappealing appearance – to be replaced by a compact, safe, and attractive storage system. But the cabinets themselves aren’t going away on their own. They have to be disposed of, and because your business prides itself on being green, you can’t just throw them into a landfill.

It turns out there are some great options for your old filing cabinets:

  1. Sell them to a scrap metal dealer and get some return value out of them. Most dealers will even pick up the old cabinets for you.
  2. Donate them to a local non-profit. The offices of many non-profit organizations are often in need of office equipment, and they would make good use of the old cabinets. And you may net a tax deduction out of it.
  3. Give them away on The listing is free, and you can stipulate that the recipient must pick them up; no deliveries!Etsy Sams Workshop file-cabinet-reuse-pets
  4. Upcycle them! If you or some of your staff are handy and enjoy crafting, those old cabinets can be transformed into something useful and charming – anything from a sofa table or bench, to a pet feeding station, to a flower or vegetable planter. offers some creative examples.

Of course, your storage vender may include disposal as part of the installation of your new high-density mobile shelving. Even if they do, you might want to hold onto at least a few of the cabinets and try one or two of the above options. Support a non-profit or stretch your imaginative crafting, and get some extra good out of those old file cabinets. No problem!


Photo © Mikhail Nekrasov / Adobe Stock