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Multipurpose Office Furnishings – Nap at your Desk?

Multipurpose Office Furnishings – Nap at your Desk?

It was bound to happen: a desk that converts into a bed, for those times when you need a post-lunch nap or you’re working too late to go home. Designer Nancy Leivaditou of Studio NL developed the prototype pictured below
while living and working in a tiny New York apartment. It’s probably not practical for most offices, but we can all understand the impulse to catch a few winks at work! 

Nap Desk

Multipurpose home furniture is nothing new (think sofa bed), but multipurpose commercial furnishings are less common. Nevertheless, when an organization needs to furnish a multi-use space, or accommodate fluctuating headcounts, or occupy temporary office space, reconfigurable multipurpose office furnishings and casework offer benefits that traditional furnishings can’t.

The benefits include:

  1. Lower capital costs– For multi-use spaces, the same set of reconfigurable furnishings transform to fit a variety of activities, from classroom to conference room to semi-private meeting or study room. Facilities save the expense of purchasing multiple sets of furnishings for each usage.
  2. Lower remodel build-out costs– As businesses evolve and their facilities are transformed for new purposes, modular casework can be reconfigured and re-used for the new workspace requirements, saving the expense of new cabinets.
  3. Less downtime costs during moves– When an organization moves into new quarters, reconfigurable furnishings can be set up in minutes, then removed just as quickly when a project is completed, saving expensive moving labor and costly downtime. See how a major healthcare provider moved in 185 reconfigurable workstations in one day:
  4. Greater sustainability – Instead of having to throw away furnishings which no longer fit an organization’s needs, facilities can reduce waste and boost their green factor with sustainably-manufactured reconfigurable furnishings and modular millwork that adapt to changing workplaces.

The prototype desk-bed isn’t on the market, but reconfigurable multipurpose office furniture is readily available. The benefits make it a wise choice – and that’s something you won’t have to sleep on.


Photo © Rawpixel / AdobeStock