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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Modular Millwork® Shelves for Effective Organization in the Workplace

Modular Millwork® Shelves for Effective Organization in the Workplace

Employment opportunities in Los Angeles ensure that people earn money to meet their basic needs. However, some jobs are more stressful than others and so make employees less productive. Brenda Spandrio of writes that a cluttered office can worsen things:

“A cluttered office increases stress levels that in turn cause a decrease in productivity. It is a subliminal version of multitasking in which our mind is attempting to process the information that is lurking in the piles on our desk while we are actively working on something else. We know we need to focus on our current work, but our mind is divided by the visual clutter. This stress is not necessarily acute, but rather an underlying phenomenon. We often don’t realize that we have been experiencing this stress until the area is clear of all extraneous items.”

Cluttered offices can’t be put in order without employees doing their part, however. Workers have to keep their work spaces tidy, their paper documents organized in folders and binders for easy reference, and take proper care of the office equipment that have been assigned to them for individual use such as laptops and mobile phones.


However, employees are bound to accumulate paper files over time; this is especially true of employees in the accounting or human resources departments. Eventually, their work area won’t have enough space to hold binders or file folders. In this case, business owners are advised to have Modular Millwork® shelves installed in their offices to serve as additional storage areas.

While the primary purpose of such shelves is to store files, employers shouldn’t forget that their employees will need to access these files from time to time. That’s why these business owners will benefit from purchasing shelves that provide accessibility, so open shelves will be a big plus.

Workers will have to make sure, however, to arrange the files in such a way that the more relevant ones are within easy reach. Meanwhile, Information Technology (IT) and logistics employees who are responsible for maintaining heavy items and equipment like computer monitors, CPUs, external hard drives, and the like will benefit more from industrial shelving in Los Angeles offices.

Workers have to deliver utmost work efficiency and productivity, but messy work spaces will hinder their goals. Fortunately, employers can turn to reputable office storage solutions providers like the Olpin Group for help. With the right shelves in place, employees will be able to work without any hassle.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Declutter your office to minimize distractions and increase workplace productivity,, Published 31 May 2010)