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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Mobile Shelving Supplier to Offer New Bed Lift Product from Vidir

Yorba Linda, California (October 9, 2013) – Olpin Group, a company that provides mobile shelving and storage racking systems,   is now offering the Bed Lift product from Vidir Machine. A variation of Vidir’s Stack N Store solution, the Bed Lift is a cost-effective tool for storing and accessing spare hospital beds. It stacks these on top of one another in a single vertical column.

The Bed Lift has a variety of features that make it a durable and flexible storage solution for healthcare facilities. These include push-button operation and a last-in-first-out (LIFO) configuration that makes it great for asset management. Moreover, it has a small footprint, enabling it to fit in most locations.

The product follows a principle called LIFO picking. In the manufacturing and warehouse sector, LIFO picking describes the way that storage space is used to the fullest. An object is positioned on a lift and raised to create space below it, which the next item should fill in. In most cases, LIFO systems can be operated with the push of a button by one assigned user.

Hospitals that use Vidir’s unique solution can take vacant beds off the floor, keep them from crowding rooms and corridors, store them vertically, and then just unload them when needed. The Bed Lift can prove especially important when a sudden number of patients are suddenly brought to a hospital. The arrangement not only saves floor space. It also removes hazards from the hallways and gives medical staff more room to maneuver gurneys and other life-saving machines.

A provider of office filing and storage solutions, Olpin Group helps a wide range of clients store their important items or equipment in an organized way. Olpin Group offers various products like lockers, file shelves, and modular cabinetry for hospital, legal/research, and museum storage. By adding Vidir’s Bed Lift to their offerings, the company meets another market need.

Clients can expect further updates from Olpin Group as the Bed Lift has been rolls out. Interested parties can visit to learn more about the company and their other offerings.

About Olpin Group

Olpin Group offers solutions and advice on how to optimize different workspaces. Their products include heavy-duty storage and wire shelving racks, rotary filing cabinets, wire cages and partitions, ergonomic furniture, and overhead storage and shelving. They work with businesses, schools, laboratories, legal and research firms, and military and government offices. They are also a member of the Automated Solutions Association.