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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Mobile Shelving: Providing the Solution to Insufficient Storage Space

Mobile Shelving: Providing the Solution to Insufficient Storage Space

Sometimes, a large space isn’t always an option, especially when it comes to storage units for businesses like museums, libraries, sports shops, and almost any other manufacturing industry. When space is already limited, most of it is often allotted to other essential parts of the building, leaving fewer and fewer areas for storing unused merchandise. Thankfully, the trusty mobile shelving system comes to save the day.

mobile shelving - providing the solution to insufficient storage space

Mobile Shelving

As the name implies, a mobile shelving system is one that can be moved around from one place to another thanks to its flexible design. Instead of being immovable pieces of furniture, mobile shelves can be made compact or attached to each other, and separated again into temporary aisles when the need calls for it. This can help save up to a booming 50% of your entire floor space that you could turn into a temporary meeting room or any purpose you deem fit.

How it Works

Mobile shelving can work in two ways: either each shelf is mounted on carts that sit on rails embedded on your floor, or they could be sitting on top of your already-existing floor. The latter often necessitates a deck being raised to about 1 to 3 inches above on your floor (the railings will sit flush atop the deck).


Aside from being quite the space-saver, mobile shelves are also excellent alternatives to wall-mounted shelves, which you will have to hammer down or screw to the surface, leaving unsightly holes should you decide to tear it down or move it. This mobility also allows you to better rearrange your floor-to-ceiling shelves.

Choosing a Shelving Company

According to Ezine Articles, you need to carefully choose whom you want to install your shelf for you:

“Make sure you find a reputable shelving firm that can offer professional and sound advice ensuring you purchase the correct shelving required for your offices particular needs. Firms offering this type of shelving installation will be able to offer a full spectrum of services that will include consultation, design, risk assessment, manufacture and installation with ongoing maintenance.”

Companies like Olpin Group for one, can offer you everything from rotary filing cabinets to efficient museum storage options. The dependability of your shelving firm of choice will determine how efficient and long-lasting the end-product will be for you.

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