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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Maximizing Office Space Arrangement with Modular Millwork Systems

Maximizing Office Space Arrangement with Modular Millwork Systems

In a business feature on Huff Post Business about outfitting workspaces, Mark Hendricks outlined how office spaces can be maximized to create an environment conducive to work and learning:

“Less leased space equals less money spent on rent. That frees up resources to spend on outfitting office spaces with the latest in technology and furnishings, including additional speakerphones, conference tables, whiteboards and other accoutrements of collaborative work.

Today’s office workers are likely to do more work away from their desks as well. That means all offices need to be outfitted with robust wireless computer networks that reach lounges, kitchens, and other spaces not usually associated with productivity. “Employees are mobile and there are a lot of recreational areas where employees are allowed to work,” says Jack Cohen […]”

When space is limited, rearranging the work environment becomes more challenging. Fortunately, in this smart age where technology’s direction is towards eliminating waste and enhancing space, office storage systems are being produced to utilize space more efficiently. Modular Millwork products, for instance, exemplify flexible office (or industrial) systems that include work stations and furniture, as well as shelving for documents and inventories, among others.

Industrial shelving in Los Angeles businesses may be preferred in larger companies. Manufacturing firms need their stocks and inventories housed in stable and secure warehouses with durable, high-density wire shelving racks and shelves to minimize damage to goods. Sturdy stainless steel, on the other hand, are suitable for office filing and storage, and the innovative ones, such as those designed by the Olpin Group, are designed to be stackable, moveable, and reconfigurable.

Leading firms like the Olpin Group offer office products and services to help companies create efficient workspaces for people. Such products may include mobile storage racking systems, medical filing systems, medical records storage, modular book shelves, and heavy-duty storage racks, among others.


(Source: Finding And Outfitting The Perfect Space For Your Growing Business, The Huffington Post, December 26, 2013)