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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems


Olpin Group provides the full spectrum of Industrial Storage and efficient storage handling options.  From vertical carousels for high density management of small to large parts to tool cribs made from a variety of mesh patterns we can help you with your industrial storage requirements.

lg Vidir Pan Carousel 2



industrial 12Vertical Lifts and Carousels

Go vertical with a lift or carousel and maximize your storage footprint.  You will be able to recover over 70% of your floor space by selecting a vertical lift or carousel storage solution and enjoy improved productivity and efficiency in many parts of your operation.  

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Olpin Group offers a wide variety of lockers from leading manufacturers that are both keyed and keyless, metal, plastic, small or large.

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Overhead Storage

Mezzanines are a good way way to take advantage of unused space by turning the air overhead into storage, office or production space. 

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beastwire rack safety wire cageStorage Racks

We can design and install  storage racks to fill a wide variety of requirements, whether you have a small storage room or several warehouses. 

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Modular Drawers and Shelving

Modular drawers and shelving are an effective way to store small parts and tools, increasing your storage capacity up to 70% by removing wasted shelf space. You will also save floor space by utilizing vertical storage more efficiently.  We offer heavy duty 100% extension drawers so you have full access to the entire drawer space.

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57Modular Millwork

Use the “lego-like” function of Modular Millwork to create the exact work room, mail room or lab that fits your needs and also have the ability to reconfigure your workspace in the future as your needs change.  Sturdy, durable, reconfigurable, reusable – discover what Modular Millwork will do for you!

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rosoueWorkbenches and Carts

Allow our technical workbenches and carts to provide ready access to the tools and technology you need, all within arms’ reach.   The modular design of our carts and workbenches allow you to create workspaces that meet your needs for production, tool storage, and mobility, all the while increasing efficiency and providing a clean, uniform appeal to match your brand image.

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Mobile storage shelvingShelving – High Density

Our mobile storage racking system (high-density storage) allows you to store a variety of items (records, files, equipment, machinery parts, relics, bulky items, small items, etc.) and can fit in almost all locations. Double the capacity of your current storage space by removing wasted aisle space.

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aurora_shelvingShelving – Static

Our four post shelves and storage systems install easily and can be reconfigured as needed. They are available in a wide variety of finishes and add a professional look, without any visible holes on the vertical posts.

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mobile rolling workstation reception station


Less than a minute to set up this workstation to have an instant office where you may need it.  These workstations come in multiple designs and different storage options

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Wire Security Storage

Wire cages, partitions and lockers are used to provide secure storage and guarding for any size or shape objects.  The mesh patterns come in options of 10 gauge welded wire mesh (for optimal structural integrity), woven wire or expanded metal, allowing you to design the wire guarding you need to meet your exact requirements, specifications and budget. 

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Motorized Carts and Bumper Guarding

Reduce delivery and retrieval times throughout your warehouse or other facility with the motorized cart


Protect Corners, columns, and racks from forklifts, carts, people, etc. with bumper guarding