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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

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Olpin Group provides the full spectrum of Industrial Storage and efficient storage handling options.  From vertical carousels for high density management of small to large parts to tool cribs made from a variety of mesh patterns we can help you with your industrial storage requirements.


Vertical Carousel

Need to secure high dollar parts on your manufacturing floor?  Vertical carousels not only offer storage but they also offer ergonomic access while production is happening.

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Wire Security Storage

Wire cages and partitions are used to provide secure storage for any size or shaped objects.  The mesh patterns come in a variety of options to match your existing or to allow for proper security for smaller items.  You are able to design the wire cage to meet your exact requirement. 

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Modular Drawers and Shelving

You can retrofit your existing shelving to be drawers or just buy new drawers units as a whole.  These drawers are an effective ways to store small parts and tools.  This will help you gain floor space going vertical and by utilizing existing shelving.  We offer heavy duty 100% extension drawers so you have full access to the entire drawer space.

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vertical carousel storageVertical Lifts

Go vertical with a lift and maximize your storage footprint.  You will be able to recover over 70% of your floor space by selecting a vertical lift storage solutions and enjoy improved productivity and efficiency in many parts of your operation.  

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mobile rolling workstation reception stationSwiftSpace

Less than a minute to set up this workstation to have an instant office where you may need it.  These workstations come in multiple designs and different storage options

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