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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems


Metal workbenches for auto shops

When your organization grows, it is important to have the infrastructure that can adapt and change to grow with you.  Real estate is expensive and our clients tell us that managing their storage space more efficiently allows them to increase their revenue generating real estate while at the same time saving money through minimizing inventory loss.    It is a win win for everyone.  In the automotive industry there are varied solutions to solve the storage problem.


Automated Tire Storage

All sizes of systems are avail to fit the environment  from manufacturing scale to a single dealership.  Automated carousel tire storage allows for easy access to tires, and also provides an opportunity to organize, easily inventory, secure, and display your tire inventory. This vertical carousel is a semi-automatic system that has a built in ergonomic feature to make a safer work environment by rotating the tires up or down to deliver the tires to the operator at the correct height.  Ladders and forklifts are no longer needed!  Click here to learn more



Automotive Workbenches

Automotive workbenches will transform the look, the organization and the productivity of your service department. The modular design allows us to build workbenches that will keep your service bays organized and safe, meet your technicians needs for tool storage and match the image program of your manufacturer. Automotive workbenches are designed and manufactured to be the most durable on the market and are protected by a complete lifetime Warranty. Click here to learn more





Wire Security Storage

Wire cages and partitions can be used to provide free standing, lockable storage and shelving to partition large buildings into smaller areas. An open yet secure design accommodates the overall circulation and lighting of the building so each lockable storage area does not need its own.   Click here to learn more




Modular Drawers and Shelving

Either utilize your existing shelving or buy new and convert over open shelf space to drawers or bins for more effective supply and parts storage.  In a limited parts department space modular drawers in shelving will help you gain floor space. When you add modular drawers to your new or existing industrial shelving, you are able to pull out the heavy-duty, 100% extension drawer to enjoy the full depth of the drawer.  Click here to learn more




vertical carousel storageVertical Lifts

Go vertical with lifts and carousels to maximize your storage footprint.  You are able to recover over 70% of your floor space and enjoy improved productivity and efficiency in many parts of your operation.  By using overhead space you are effectively doubling your storage capacity.  Click here to learn more





mobile storageMobile Shelving

Our mobile storage racking system provides an opportunity to store a variety of items and can fit in almost all locations. Save up to 50% or even double your capacity of your current storage space! These systems allows users to move heavy items with minimal effort and removes congestion from aisle ways.  Click here to learn more




modular millworkModular Millwork

With multiple work surface options, colors and options you are able to mix and match to create the best modular solution for you.  Easily reconfigurable, these are a smart investment.  Click here to learn more






mobile rolling workstation reception stationSwiftSpace

Fast Set-up for this workstation on wheel .it folds up to store away or folds open quickly for use.  This workstations are easy to manage, have a flexible design and come in a  variety of colors and sizes.  Click here to learn more