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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Mailroom Solutions

Mailroom Solutions

The mailroom is often the center of the business – where ingoing and outgoing company communications are processed, sorted and delivered. This valuable space needs to be designed and furnished in a way that increases efficiency and accessibility. Olpin Group specializes in creating mailrooms that do far more than simply handle mail. Everything from busy copy/fax/mail centers for large businesses to smaller, compact rooms with limited space. We help businesses consolidate and do more with less.

The right mailroom furniture and storage will ensure an efficient and proper flow of information — packages, letters, faxes, and any other materials that are part of your mail center system. Important considerations when designing a mailroom include:

Accessible Work Surfaces
Shelving, cabinets, counters and other work surfaces should be sturdy, durable, and easy to reach. Work surfaces should also be placed at varying heights throughout the room in order to accommodate the variety of tasks performed by users who are sitting or standing.

The mailroom should be located away from main entrances and high-traffic areas of the building, preferably near the back or side of a building, especially if there is a loading dock for large shipments or deliveries.

A mailroom should be adaptable and allow for changes in employee, equipment and storage needs over time. Mobile workstations and reconfigurable shelving are ideal in this type of space.

Mail may contain sensitive information or items of high value, and the mail center should include locking cabinets to store unprocessed mail, postage meters, and other valuable items.

Experts from the Olpin Group will help you design and arrange your workplace to increase storage capacity, creating an efficient mailroom.

Flexibility, versatility, efficiency and logical organization are essential when it comes to the mailroom. Consult with the experts at Olpin Group — workspace by design is our passion.

If your business is moving, remodeling, out of space, or need more efficiency, we can find a solution to meet your budget and exceed your expectations. Give us a call at 714-970-2299.