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How FM Pros Manage The Unexpected

How FM Pros Manage The Unexpected

With employment numbers suddenly projected to increase by double digits in 2018, facilities managers may feel blind-sided when their organization reverses last year’s hiring freeze and begins adding staff. Long-term leases are rarely compatible with unforeseen staffing increases, and FM professionals are faced with fitting this year’s additional personnel into last year’s space plan. Impossible? Not for the FM pros who incorporate flexibility into their space plans. Here’s how they do it:

Adaptive furnishings

Reconfigurable adaptive workstations accommodate change with elegance and speed. Facilities managers can adjust to new head counts on the fly, without additional labor costs for set-up. Workstation and bench systems can be rearranged in countless configurations, grouped for maximum spatial efficiency or shaped into conference cubicles or collaborative areas. The workstations set up in moments, without special tools or training, and collapse into compact wheeled flats for easy storage.

Modular casework

While built-in cabinetry is often thought of as space-specific, well-designed modular cabinetry can fit a space in the same way built-ins do, but with the added value of flexibility. When a space plan is redesigned, modular cabinetry can be removed and reconfigured to fit the new spatial needs. From labs to offices to storerooms, modular casework is the ultimate recyclable, reducing organizations’ build-out budgets while increasing their green ratings.

Facilities managers may also find surprising flexibility in another area: the CFO’s office. The business case for flexible furnishings is a sound one, creating significant savings in the cost of real estate usage and interiors. Comptrollers are more inclined to be flexible about other FM budget requests when they see facilities managers working to reduce operating costs. And if you need assistance making the business case for your facility, talk to a storage consultant about the pros and cons of flexible furnishings. Prepare for unexpected changes, and you’ll come out ahead.

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