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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

High Density Shelving Solutions

High Density Shelving Solutions

Is your business running out of space due to high-volume storage needs? Save space and get more organized with a high density storage system. High density storage systems, heavy duty storage racks, and mobile storage racking systems can double your storage capacity and increase your floor space by 50%. Each high density storage unit moves along tracks so individual units can slide right up against another. Simply choose which unit you need to access and electronically or manually move the units to create an opening. The shelves, racks, compartments and sorters within each high density storage unit can be configured according to your needs to store, organize or access. The system is flexible enough to handle multiple needs.

Experts from the Olpin Group will help you design and arrange your workplace to increase capacity, creating an efficient storage system.

Olpin Group is proud of their latest installation of High Density Mobile Storage Systems for the City of Temecula. Working with 10 different departments at the City, Olpin determined their storage and accessibility needs to find the best storage for each department.

Olpin Group developed 10 different solutions that catered to each specific department, allowing the employees to be more efficient and easily access the items they needed to complete their jobs. Through the use of High Density Mobile Storage Systems, Olpin Group streamlined the workflow processes and increased storage capacity while decreasing the amount of space used up by the storage systems.

Flexibility, versatility, efficiency and logical organization are essential when it comes to heavy duty, mobile, or high density storage systems. Consult with the experts at Olpin Group – workspace by design is our passion – give us a call at 714-970-2299.