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Five Reasons to Relocate (and One to Stay Put)

Five Reasons to Relocate (and One to Stay Put)

If your organization is bursting at the seams, you’ve got a high-class problem: You’re successful! And your success is pushing you to look at relocating to a new space. This is an exciting time; searching for a space that will support your burgeoning business takes you out of the everyday and puts you in a whole new world of possibilities.

While it’s undeniably disruptive, relocation, like other types of change, is a great opportunity to examine your business practices, assess your progress, and plan for future growth. Australian design consultancy Aspect lists five benefits of relocation that apply to almost any business organization.

  1. Increased Productivity – Productivity is hampered by overcrowding. Processes are slowed down and errors mount up. A new location gives you the opportunity to create more efficient workflows in the physical environment, and plan your storage with maximum efficiency.
  2. Improved Flexibility – A new space lets you increase flexible space utilization, in keeping with the “Agile” philosophy of self-determination and collaboration. Flexible workstations support the agile principles, allowing teams to modify their work areas to collaborate or work solo, as needed.
  3. Lower Overhead – In many areas, commercial space is a buyer’s market, and you can negotiate favorable terms, whether you’re buying or renting. Another way to save: Bring your modular cabinetry with you and reconfigure it to fit the new space. If you don’t already have modular millwork in your current offices, you can include it in the new build-out to save yourself those costs the next time you move.
  4. Futureproofing – A larger space accommodates future growth, especially if you plan your build-out and furnishings with an eye on the road ahead. Adaptive furnishings and efficient space utilization allows your business to grow within the new space.
  5. Brand Enhancement – A relocation is an opportunity to define, or re-define, your brand image. Your design team will work with you to incorporate elements that underscore your brand’s values. For example, is sustainability a brand value? Bring in furnishings and workstations from manufacturers with strong sustainability programs

Even with all the benefits that relocation can provide, you should take a hard look at your current location before making the decision to leave. A space planner or storage consultant could recover extra space for your operation just by installing a space efficient high density storage system or vertical lift system. Finding free space could be a compelling reason to stay where you are!

Either way, whether you relocate to a new space, or re-allocate your current space, you’ll enjoy the benefits of your organization’s continued success.


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