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Expanding Your Storage Space? Exhaust Museum Storage Options First

Expanding Your Storage Space? Exhaust Museum Storage Options First

A 16,000-square-foot storage extension is all set to be built at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, MT. Once completed in 2015, however, it will be almost thrice as big as its currently crowded storage facility that is home to its stellar collection of fossils. NBC Montana reporter Shelley Leggett has this report:


“We’ve just been on a growth spurt over the last 10 years and we absolutely need the additional storage space for all the artifacts that we have, all the fossil specimens that we’re collecting,” said MOR Marketing Director, Mark Robinson.

As scientists make new discoveries, museums eventually have to make room for them. There’s also no denying that people from all walks of life would want to see them up close. According to the American Alliance of Museums, more Americans visit museums all over the U.S. than theme parks and major league events combined.

Museum of the Rockets

Physical expansions are natural; no matter how well you store your items, shelves and racks will eventually get full. Taking out some items may not be a viable solution for museums, however. Before considering an expansion, make sure you’ve exhausted all museum storage options.

For instance, have you considered versatile mobile shelving? This system consists of rows of shelves that can be moved either manually with the crank of a lever or the push of a button. When not in use, the shelves can be packed together to maximize storage space. Limiting open rows to one at a time helps maintain maximized use.

While often used in law offices, schools, and libraries, mobile shelving can also be a boon for museums. Bulky artifacts can be stored in wide shelving to retain their original form. Proper labeling can help guide personnel in accessing the right shelf when they need to put an artifact on display.

For museum personnel, storage management is a must-have skill. As some exhibits may not last long under prolonged exposure to the elements, they need to be switched out occasionally with those in storage. The Denver Art Museum, for example, keeps 90 percent of its collection in controlled storage.

A new storage facility simply begs for quality shelves and racks. If you’re planning to expand, trust a storage company like the Olpin Group to provide you with the necessary solutions.

(Source: “Museum of the Rockies gets approval to build new storage unit,” NBC Montana, September 18, 2014)