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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Enjoy a Hassle-free Move with Quality Boltless Shelving in Los Angeles

Enjoy a Hassle-free Move with Quality Boltless Shelving in Los Angeles

Change is an inevitable part of life, and more so when it comes to moving to a new office space. Not everyone dreads such a monumental task, however. In fact, some employees welcome the opportunity to work in a new, and hopefully better, location.

planning move

To ensure a trouble-free move, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right personnel in charge of all moving-related tasks. Likewise, be sure to allot sufficient time for each stage of the move and to choose a reliable moving company with a proven track record of excellence. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency shares additional tips from the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER), particularly in relation to the transfer of records and other items.

“1. Meet with management to discuss move preparation needs.

2. Meet with the groups or representatives of the groups who are moving to look at what will need to be considered and why.

General issues to consider:

  • Reducing the volume of their records prior to the move 1) so that there is less to move and 2) so that the new space will be used effectively. Reduction can be accomplished by practicing records disposition; i.e., disposing of records past their life and retiring records to the FRC.
  • Planning what records will be housed in central filing areas and what will be held in the work stations. Plans will need to include the allocation of central filing space, so as records are moved, the boxes can be assigned to and placed in the appropriate shelving areas.”

In any office moving process, part of the challenge lies in successfully setting up a convenient and space-saving shelving system that lets you keep company documents, mail, and transaction records organized and within reach in no time. This becomes particularly clear if you’d rather avoid bulky shelves or storage racks in your new office.

Luckily, boltless shelving for Los Angeles businesses can help cut back the time needed to assemble a suitable filing and storage system. Simply put, a boltless shelving system requires no special hardware during assembly. These shelves are available in various sizes and can be clipped together for easy installation.

You can also opt for flexible Modular Millwork® products that maximize mailroom productivity. Count on a reputable name such as the Olpin Group to deliver the exact compact shelving and storage solutions your company needs.

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