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3 Little Questions for Business Decision-makers

3 Little Questions for Business Decision-makers

A wise philosopher recommended asking yourself three questions before speaking: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? These questions can be applied equally well to business decisions. From small to large decisions, the answers can keep your business on track.

We’re in the business of storage solutions, so we’ll explain it in terms of making a decision regarding your company’s storage.


We’re all pretty confident we know the truth about our business operations. Using our example of business storage, you believe you have plenty of storage space for all your needs, yet you see boxes of goods stashed in odd corners, or files stacked mile-high on desks. What’s the truth: Do you have messy employees, or do you have a storage problem?

Or perhaps you believe your current inventory storage space will be sufficient for your future needs, yet your sales are going through the roof and your market sector is set for huge growth. Demand will soon outstrip your stored inventory on hand and replenishment takes time. Do you have an inventory problem or a storage problem?

Time for a reality check. The facts will either support what you believe, or point you to a different answer. You’ll arrive at the truth, and make a well-informed decision.


Everyone thinks of themselves as fairly kind people. We help old ladies across the street. We donate to charities. Another kindness we can apply in business is sustainability. When you’re considering the purchase of, say, a mobile shelving system, ask about the manufacturer’s “green” program. Find out about its carbon footprint. Look at ways that a new storage system can enhance your own company’s in-house green initiative. “Is it kind?” is a question worth asking before you make that buying decision.


As a business manager, you’re a rational, analytical machine. You do what’s needful. If your storage space is overflowing, you start looking at adding to your existing real estate footprint. It’s necessary for your storage needs, right? But if you ask a storage expert whether expansion is necessary, you might get a different answer. You might find that your current footprint is more than sufficient if you change to compact high-density shelving or a vertical carousel storage system. Sometimes when you ask “is it necessary,” an outside perspective can help you make a sound determination of need.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is – sales, finance, HR, and yes, even storage – ask yourself, “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” and you’ll reach a well-reasoned decision that’s beneficial for your business now, and in the long run.


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