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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

  • Industrial

    Industrial vertical storage solutions

Learn about Olpin Group


Olpin Group was founded in 2005 with a passion and vision to help every business get organized in their own work space by providing innovative storage solutions for office and warehouse environments. We partner and collaborate with you, using our combined 100+ years of experience and expertise in storage and office solutions, to create a work environment that enhances work efficiency, provides increased flexibility, ergonomics, security, and creatively optimizes your entire work space, allowing you to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in the work place.

We carry an array of storage and office products to:

  • Maximize floor and vertical space—consolidating storage, saving you time, money and space
  • Solve complex storage needs—allowing you to more effectively focus on your business
  • Enhance work flow—increasing productivity and employee morale
  • Have design flexibility—allowing you to change and reconfigure work space with ease
  • Plan for future growth—significantly reducing costs


Some of the most innovative products we use in developing your own personal office space strategies include:

Our systems and solutions are future proof–designed to move, reconfigure, relocate, and recycle! 
Olpin Group carries many other products to ensure we can provide solutions to all your storage/office needs.


Olpin Group values its clients and takes special care to hear their concerns, ask questions, and together with the client, come up with innovative solutions. Olpin Group works on projects of all sizes, from sole practitioners to medical centers, from warehouse sites to city government buildings and colleges. Olpin Group has served many different businesses in finding solutions to their office and storage needs, including the following industries:


Olpin Group is a hands on company. We like you to get to know our team. We like to meet with you face to face, to preview your facility, and to see how you operate, in order to best understand how to find the best solution for your specific needs.We involve our client in all aspects of the planning and design of any project. As we build your project plan, you can expect the following:

Olpin Group is ready to serve you from the initial contact to the planning and design of your project, to the final installation and walking you through the inspection and permitting processes. After project completion we provide preventative maintenance services, service under all product warranties, and relocation of systems to fit changing needs.

From beginning to end Olpin Group is there to help you organize your work place, save space, economize, increase efficiency and productivity in the space you have, and all of this by using proven strategies to meet your business needs.

Give us a call at 714-970-2299, we look forward to working with you!