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Wire Cages and Shelvingwire-cages-and-shelving
Wire cages and partitions can be used to provide free standing, lockable storage and shelving to partition large buildings into smaller areas. An open yet secure design accommodates the overall circulation and lighting of the building so each lockable storage area does not need its own.

Common solutions:

  • Added security and secure chain of custody
  • Flexible according to changing needs/inventory
  • Aesthetic design for overall neatness and organization
  • See-thru for easy identification of contents
  • Quick and easy access to inventory
  • Partition secures a specific area
  • Modular, stackable and lockable storage

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Vertical carousel storagevertical-carousel-storage

Carousel storage solutions bring the inventory to you in an organized, efficient manner. They are designed to store large numbers and heavy volumes as needed, while keeping everything easily accessible and manageable.

The vertical storage carousel is designed for distribution and warehouse applications. Trays can be equipped with partitions and dividers, bins, cartons, pallets, boxes and other items.

Common solutions:

  • Overhead, vertical storage saves valuable floor space
  • Available in a wide range of heights, depths and widths
  • Reduced lifecycle costs
  • Interchangeable carriers
  • Multiple control options
  • Saves time, space and money

Horizontal carousel

The horizontal carousels use an oval track containing rotating bins with shelves and storage that deliver the items to you. Advanced technology enables you to quickly find the active carousel, shelf level, and quantity of items needed, then delivers them to you.

Common Solutions:

  • Increase in usable floor space
  • Flexible design provides instantly adjustable shelf levels
  • Reduces labor by up to 2/3
  • Workstation designs can be easily moved or changed
  • Extended order cut-off times
  • Fast ROI (Return On Investment)

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Industrial Shelving


Olpin Group can design and install heavy duty storage racks to fill a wide variety of requirements, whether you have a small storage room or several warehouses.  Pallet racks (also pallet racks) can be adjusted according to the size and weight of the items being stored and can handle extremely heavy loads.  Wide span shelving uses high steel beams to support decking over longer spans in order to hold extra wide, heavy items.


Case Studies

WPSS O'Reilly Case Study

WPSS O'Reilly Case Study

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