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Custom Office Filing & Storage Systems

Retail Storage


When it comes to retail storage –all you need to do is LOOK UP! Olpin Group has the unique solutions for utilizing all of your real estate for warehousing needs – from the floor to the ceiling.

Olpin Group can also help with your mail center, administrative storage and industrial shelving.  We Offer Financing Options.


Common Solutions:

  • Times-2 rotary filing cabinets
  • Office shelving and lateral file cabinets
  • Modular millwork/reconfigurable cabinetry
  • Storage and file shelving equipment
  • Box storage shelving


How does it work?

  1. The TiltNStore® mounts onto your wall so there is no need for a remodel. You don’t even have to move your existing shelving.
  2. Push the keyed button and the Rollaway Cart comes right down to you.
  3. Unlatch the cart and roll it onto the sales floor. You can also roll the cart to the delivery trucks for direct loading.
  4. Roll back to the lift and reattach it to the lift.
  5. Push the keyed button and up it goes.
  6. When the lift is up you can relax knowing your inventory is safe and secure because no one can tamper with it. Your aisles stay open and clear.


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Case Studies

O’Reilly Auto Parts


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Modular Millwork – More Space

Overhead Lifts and Wall Mounted Storage

LiftNStore at Ross – Olpin Group

Modular Millwork Cabinetry from Olpin Group





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