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Case Study: Workstation Installation Success at Sun Life

Case Study: Workstation Installation Success at Sun Life

Toronto’s Sun Life Financial received an up-front return on investment when they installed their new office furniture – mobile workstations that could be set up in a fraction of the usual installation time. A time lapse video shows how the savings were achieved; watch the timer in the upper right to see the actual elapsed time.

Every manager knows time is money, and as a financial services company, Sun Life was particularly motivated to make a sound investment decision in their selection of office workstations. The company opted for Swiftspace workstations, anticipating long-term ROI based on the products’ reputation for durability. As it turned out, the workstations’ easy set-up allowed Sun Life to realize an additional immediate return on its investment when the new workstations were installed: an 82% savings in installation costs when compared to conventional workstation installations. The complete details of the installation and the cost comparisons are included in this post from Swiftspace.

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